(envps) E.P.S. Adsorbent product are solutions for a clean environment.


E.P.S. adsorbent products

The Environmental Protection Solution Pty Ltd (E.P.S.) range of products:

The E.P.S. product suite has been developed to simplify the recovery of oil and hazardous chemical spills. Each is primarily natural material based, thus non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They have following inherent properties:

  • High efficiency
  • Simple to collect
  • Fast reacting
  • Buoyant in water
  • Will not freeze
  • Easy to contain and store
  • Maintains its efficiency after long periods of storage
  • Non-combustible (melting temperature > 1500°C)


Environmental Protection Solution also supplies oil spill containment equipment (oil skimmer, oil spill containment booms and oil spill temporary storage.





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