Spill Management:

E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent can be used on land, on water and in all weather conditions. The following information is for some detailed instructions on each condition.

Land Spill:

Ensure personal protection: wear plastic groves, chemical safety goggles and a medical mask.

  • Place socks around the oil spill area
  • Cover the spill area with adsorbent granule or adsorbent pillow and leave for a minute
  • Brush the adsorbent back and forth until there is no residual spill left
  • Place used adsorbent into a container

E.P.S. oil Adsorbent cleans up oil on hard surfaces

Please click here to watch s clean-up of oil on land on youtube.

Water Spill:

For dealing with oil spill on water and on seawater.

  • Place booms around the oil spill area
  • In still conditions, create water movement, e.g. use a water gun to spray on the adsorbent or use fish net stick long sticks to stir the oil and product together
  • In stormy conditions, simply leave the adsorbent on the sea for 15 minutes
  • The product colour will change from light grey to black as the adsorbent covers with oil. Use tools (nets, hooks, sucker trucks and sand suckers pumps) to collect and place the used adsorbent into a container

Adsorbent Granule:

Adsorbent Granule

Adsorbent Pillow:

Adsorbent Pillow

Please click here to watch a clean-up of oil on water on youtube.