What is an adsorbent?

An adsorbent is a substance, usually porous in nature and with a high surface area that can attract substances onto its surface by intermolecular forces. E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent attracts oil to its surface but does not absorb like a sponge.

What are the benefits of using E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent?

Benefits over comparable products:

  • Reduction in costs: Disposal, Labor cost, Levy tax, Transport and Training.
  • Recycling: You may be eligible for benefits to your tax return.
  • Environment: No secondary pollution is created during the collection process and disposal of our product.

For more information please see the "Features and Benefits" section of our website.

If I use E.P.S. oil adsorbent to clean up oil, how can I dispose of the used adsorbent?

Details for disposal can be found in the "Disposal" section on our website.

If you require additional information or assistance please contact us.

Is E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent soluble in water?

No, E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent is insoluble.