(envps) E.P.S. Adsorbent product are solutions for a clean environment.



Adsorbent Granule

The E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent Granule  has been developed to simplify the recovery of oil spill. They have following good features:

  Product Code Description Units Weight Per Pack Adsorption Capacity
E.P.S. oil adsorbent granule small bag OAG-001 E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent Granules Small Pack 10 Packs 320g (4L of oil adsorbent granules) Per Pack: 3.29kg / 4L of crude oil
E.P.S. oil Adsorbent Granules Industrial Pack OAG-002 E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent Granules Industrial Pack 10 Packs 6.64kg (83L of oil adsorbent granules) Per Pack: 68.39kg / 83L of crude oil

Please note: Absorbent capacity will vary depending on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature.

after clean up oil

After clean up oil on rock





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