(envps) E.P.S. Adsorbent product are solutions for a clean environment.



E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent is listed as a Loose Sorbent Oil Spill Control Agent (OSCA) on the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) National Plan register.

E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent in the adsorption capacity of approximately 1 part E.P.S Oil Adsorbent to 10 parts oil by weight as tested by SGS Leered Consulting.

E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent product series quickly and efficiently clean up oils on land, water and sea. These products can remove old oils on the hard surface of substance.

Our products are designed for all types of hydroc arbons and oils including IFO 180, IFO 380, crude oil, petrol, diesel, engine oil, lubricant, hydraulic oil, cooking oils and grease.

They repel water and are great for marine preservation, mining workshops, fuel handling facilities, oil storage depots, lubricant dispensing facilities, vehicle maintenance & repair shops, labs or any where else fuel or oil is stored.

E.P.S Oil Adsorbent product series are recyclable and allow up to 70% of the collected material to be recovered for reuse.

After reconstitution, the residual material can be added to concrete. It is harder and lighter than normal building sand, thereby increasing its recycle value.

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