Collected oil should be placed in a container.

  • The used product can be heated to recover 70% of original oil. Note: specialised equipment is required.
  • After extracting the oil from the used product, the used product can be used as building sand in concrete - it is harder and lighter than normal building sand.
  • Alternately send the used product to an oil recycling company.

The Australian Government encourages every industry to protect our environment and conserve scarce resources. Recycling used adsorbents saves on disposal costs such as landfill and industrial waste levies.

Benefit of Recycling:

You may gain benefits to your tax return by recycling our used product.

The Product Stewardship for Oil Program (PSO) was introduced in 2011. The product stewardship levy is payable by oil producers and importers for petroleum-based oils and their synthetic equivalents. The levy offsets the costs of benefits paid to oil recyclers as an incentive to undertake increased recycling of used oil.

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