(envps) E.P.S. Adsorbent product are solutions for a clean environment.


Environmental Protection Solutions Pty Ltd (E.P.S.) is an Australia based supplier that delivers products designed to mitigate the damage caused by man-made environmental disasters. Our goal is to help conserve our world's limited resources by reducing waste and saving energy. E.P.S products are reliable, effective and above all practical. We employ world-class quality control processes in the manufacture of all our products, which are created using the highest grade of material. We supply details instructions and scientific information (including independent studies) with all our products. We are focused on developing long term relationships with our clients. We look forward to working with you.

Our E.P.S. Adsorbents:

The Environmental Protection Solutions (E.P.S.) range of products:

E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent Series

E.P.S. Oil Based Hazardous Chemical Adsorbent Series

E.P.S. Liquid Based Hazardous Adsorbent Series

Our EPS Adsorbent product lines are an environmentally friendly alternative to oil absorbents and chemical absorbents. Our Product suite has been developed to simplify the clean up and recovery of oil and hazardous chemical spills. They have the following inherent properties:

Environmental Cleanup Products:

We have available a large range of products, machinery and specialists. We source our products from a range of wholesalers through Asia-pacific. We are able to supply all required equipment and machinery regardless of the size of your operation. Our catalogue includes:

Obligation Free Quotation:

Quotation's available on any of the products that we supply. If the product you are looking for relates to oil cleanup and you do not see it here on our website, we may still be able to source it for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional Information and Demonstrations:

spill on water

Spills on Water and Sea

spill on land rock and shoreline

Spills on Land and Shoreline

narine adsorbent

Marine Adsorbent

Marine Oil Containment Booms

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spill recovery equipment

Spill Recovery Equipment and industrial skimmers

adsorbent booms

Adsorbent Booms

E.P.S. adsorbent product demonstration

E.P.S. Oil Adsorbent Demonstration on Youtube